2A Lavender, Daniela S.

Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Lavender


Welcome Parents & Students to Second Grade! I have taught second grade for 14 years. I can proudly say they have been all here at Hart. Let's work together and make it a successful year!!!

Conference: 12:45-1:30
Phone 236--8825

Ms. Lavender’s Classroom Management

2A RM 203

1. Show respect and courtesy to all.

2.Be prepared with school supplies.

3.Raise hand before speaking or getting up from seat.

4.Active listening during a lesson or class discussion.

5. Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.

Steps teacher will take when rules are broken

                1.Warning-verbal reprimand (student is reminded of rule that has been overlooked)

                2.Name on the Board

                3.Parent/Guardian Discipline Notice sent home or phone call home

                4. Parent conference

                5. Principal office referral

Negative Consequences: these actions will be taken if students reach Step 5 of above teacher actions

                *Student will not participate in healthy treats, treasure box, or stickers

Positive Consequence: available to all students who manage to keep a clean discipline file will participate in the following:

                *Healthy treat, treasure box, stickers, & positive notes/comments from teacher

Severity Clause:

                Student exhibiting any form of severe behavior that endangers students, violates the law or seriously prevents the teacher from teaching or other students from learning will be referred to administration immediately.