2D Ramirez, Rosario

Welcome to
2nd grade bilingual class

Ms. Rosario Ramirez
Rm. 215 Conference time 12:40 - 1:25 P.M


My name is Rosario Ramirez.  Although, I was first generation to be born in the United States, at age seven my primary language was still Spanish.  The struggle to learn a new language is still a memory I hold on to as I teach my students some of the necessary skills they require to continue on their way to a higher education. 

In 2000, I graduated from the University of Texas with a Bilingual certification. I am certified to teach grades first though eighth.  Three days after graduation I applied to teach at Hart Elementary and have been working with this family for sixteen years. I look forward to a successful academic year.

                                 Classroom Expectations

                                        Be Ready

                                       Be Respectful

                                       Be Responsible