4D Esquinca, Martha

working together

Hello Welcome to 4D Bilingual Class !!!

 I believe that every child can reach their own potential. Every student may thrive and achieve while a nucleus of people become involved to promote each child's potential as a whole.  Family (parent involvement), community, educators, administration are the nucleus that make a difference in each child's individual success in this community.  The greater the positive force, the betterment for all involved in transforming each child into a well rounded individual.

My conference time is between 9:00 and 9:45 A.M.

4th Grade Homework Expectations

Homework will be assigned in 4th grade on a daily basis, Monday through Thursday.  I will try to make sure every student understands the assignment.  You are more than welcomed to help your child.  However, do not do their homework for them.  To help your child do their best work establish a homework time each night, and try to find a quiet, well lit area for your child to work.

  • We will be using a Homework Agenda.The students will write each daily assignment on their agenda and then take it home to be signed by a parent/guardian.
  • LATE WORK POLICY- I am hoping by using a homework agenda and folder, the amount of late homework will be small.However, I understand that there may be times where homework doesn’t get done because of things that happen at home.I will accept the homework the NEXT DAY ONLY.If it isn’t turned in the following day, the work will result in a zero.
  • AR/log-An AR log will also be part of the homework folder and requires a parent signature for books read.When your child reads in the evening he/she should be prepared to take AR test the next morning.Accumulation of AR points will be rewarded.

Thank you for support in helping our students succeed, together we can provide the best opportunities for our students’ academic growth. Please feel free to come see me by setting up a conference time between 9:00 and 9:45 A.M.