Orchestra Hernandez, Teresa

Welcome To Orchestra


Hello My name is Teresa Hernandez. I am the orchestra teacher for Aoy, Beall, Douglass, and Hart elementary schools. In orchestra the students learn how to play bowed stringed instruments and learn to read music. In orchestra through the music math skills such as counting, measuring etc. are used. Reading skills such as comprehension are also used. Throughout the school year the orchestra will perform at least 2-3 times.
am a graduate from the University of Texas at El Paso with a degree in Music education all levels. I am also certified gifted and talented. I have been teaching orchestra for 35 years . I have also taught at Alamo, Zavala, Crockett,Moreno, Hillside,Park,Burnet, Wainwright and Bowie high school.

My conference times vary. Please call Aoy school (915)​​
774-4020 to schedule an appointment.

Class expectations

As long as a student wants to commit to orchestra and has the desire to learn playing an orchestra instrument, I will work with the student.