AIM I Aguilar, Jessica

Welcome to Ms. Aguilar's class

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My name is Jessica Aguilar and I teach first, second, thrid and fourth grade  as the AIM I special education teacher at Hart Elementary. Go Cubs!

I strongly believe every single child deserves the opportunity to an equal education regardless of how pronounced the challenge may be. I believe a special educator’s role is to act as a motivational coach, an advocate, a counselor, a leader and above all a responsible adult whose dedication is colorfully illustrated in the well-being of the child’s academic progress.  As a special education teacher I present knowledge by differentiating instruction and providing many opportunities for every student to become actively engaged in every lesson.


I received my degree of Bachelor’s of Interdisciplinary from the University of Texas at El Paso in December of 2013. I am certified in the beautiful state of Texas to teach as a Generalist Early childhood up to sixth grade and Special Education early childhood up to twelfth grade.

Get to know me!

It is going to be a fun year full of lots of learning and fun adventures we shall experience as a class, and I can’t wait to see what the new school year has in store for us. I want to know all about you, but first let me share a few things about myself.

I was born in California and raised in several cities across our beautiful Lone Star State. I have two other sisters and one brother. I graduated from The University of Texas at El Paso to become your teacher! Go Miners! 

A few of Ms. Aguilar’s favorite things:

Favorite season: Winter
Favorite cereal: Kix
Favorite animal: Dogs
Favorite flower: Daisy
Favorite color: Green





Parents and Guardians,

Hello and welcome back to an exciting new school year ! My name is Ms. Aguilar and I will be your child’s teacher for this thrilling fresh year of new knowledge and wonderful experiences. As we begin this brand new year I am looking forward to working alongside your child with great expectations. I am eager  to get to know not only your child but you as well! I strongly believe in having parental support in and out of the classroom and open lines of communication to be an essential part of a successful school year.

 If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.Thank you in advance for all that you do for our students,our class, and our school.

Here’s to a great year!

Ms. Aguilar

** conference period  Room. 179 (9:45-10:30)

Disciplinary Policy

Each child entering the classroom is encouraged to behave in a positive and productive manner. To ensure students follow through with classroom expectations a discipline plan will be put into effect on day one. A discipline plan is to contain the expectations of the student, the negative consequences, and the positive consequences. The contents of the plan shall be continuously discussed, modeled, revisited, and pushed every school day.

The expectations (class rules) for my class are as followed:

In our classroom we…

1. Keep our hands and feet to ourselves.

2. Are ready to learn.

3. Listen carefully when others are speaking.

4. Show kindness with our words and actions.

5. Raise our hand to speak.

The purpose of negative consequences in my classroom is to correct undesirable behaviors and replace it with desired behaviors. The negative consequences in the class are as followed:

1. Verbal Warning

2. Teacher-Student conference

3. Loss of involvement of desired activities or privileges.

4. Contact parents

5. Guidance counselor

6. Office referral

* Please note depending on the severity of the undesirable behavior the student may be sent directly to the office skipping 1-4.

The purpose of the positive consequences is to draw good attention to individual students who are meeting classroom expectations by rewarding students for the desired behavior. The goal every student should be aiming for! The positive consequences are as followed:

  • Verbal praise


  • Caught being good jar


  • Earned privileges 
  • Treasure Box


  • Lunch with the teacher


  • Praise note sent home


  • Glowing phone call home


  • Sticker for the road to success


The purpose of positive consequences in the class will also apply as a whole or in groups. The positive consequences will draw attention to students when they are meeting and exceeding the classroom expectations. At Hart Elementary it is our philosophy to produce students who are caring towards others, such as their classmates. When students care for one another they support one another and essentially advance as a team. Positive consequences are as followed:

  • P.A.T. Preferred activity time
  • Caught being good Jar
  • Brownie points
  • Treasure Box
  • Special Day
  • Sticker for the road to success


  • Verbal praise

Homework Policy

It is my intention to use homework as a reinforcement tool. The skills needed for completion of homework have been introduced in the class.

Full credit will be given for homework when:     

  1. Homework is complete in pencil.
  2. Turned in on time.
  3. Penmanship is legible

*extra credit may be given when work exceeds teacher expectations.

Reduced credit for when:

  1. Homework is turned in late(students are given 2 days to complete missing or late assignments)
    1. For every day the homework assignment is not completed students will be deducted 5 points.
  2. Homework is incomplete. Homework will be returned back to student for completion.
    1. Failure to turn in homework will result in notice sent home to parents and required signature.
    2. Incomplete homework may also result in loss of preferred activity time.
    3. Incomplete homework may also result in after school tutoring.


*If the student is absent for a reasonable amount of time he or she is allowed to make up the homework. One day extra is given for every absence.


 A peek into Homework every day

20 minutes of reading, includes but not limited to:

-reading to parents or siblings


-asking questions


-parent signature


25 minutes of teacher selected assignment {e.g. Math, science, social studies, writing} includes:

-5 minutes of ___ refresher

-5 minutes of ___ questions/activity

-parent signature needed at header

Estimated total: 45 minutes

*every student is different when it comes to completing tasks.

*Parents, it is crucial to sign your child’s agenda. Not only will it show me that you are aware of what is to be completed at home but I may also send important notices inside for you to read.

Here are some important points to remember this academic year in regards to homework:

  • Homework teaches children responsibility.
  • Students who consistently do homework will perform better academically.
  • Homework improves academic achievement in all grade levels and abilities.

When parents assist their child with homework, you are giving them an opportunity to be successful.